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There are numerous projects under way with GetMeOut2 front and center! With growing deaths of infants and pets we felt this issue was way to important to focus on anything else.


  • GetMeOut2, designed to run in the background, this tool is the easiest child safety tool on the market. Unlike other phone apps, GetMeOut2 requires no configuration, or a setup of your daily routine. This app starts working immediately after clicking "start". The app is not only a tool for parents and caregivers of young children. Those who take their pets along for journeys will be reminded that they need to take precautions so that their furry family members are also not put at risk in a hot car.

  • RightsTo designed to expose what permissions apps have access too! Permission are normally requested in groups. Groups are a broad and general way to make you aware of how the permissions may effect you. RightsTo, allows you to know the specifics so you know which app might be invading your privacy.


Every now and again we find the need to make life easier and this spawns the seed for a new app. Currently the projects in the work are those related to the safety of children. These apps are designed to help us keep track of our families, making them safe and giving us piece of mind.

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Yahoo acknowledges us as the new app tool protecting families,Innovative New App GetMeOut2 Provides Shield of Safety for Parents, Kerry Stokesfind out more

News Channel 10

News Channel 10 is supporting us, Innovative New App GetMeOut2 Provides Shield of Safety for Parents, Kerry Stokesfind out more

Shreveport Times

Shreveport Times draws attention to infant car deaths,Looking twice might save your child's life, Lex Talamo,

Legal Examiner

Legal Examiner discusses the heartbreaking tragedy of a 6 month boy being accidentally forgotten in a hot car, Kids in Hot Cars Remains a Steamy Issue, Mark Bello

Our Team

Hi, Jennifer here! Thanks for getting this far! Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a George Mason University graduate, with a B.S. in Information Technology and Applied Science. I have had great experiences in my career as programmer, in the government sector, working for several well-known agencies to working in the private sector for Fortune 500 companies such as Rolls Royce.

In 2012, I took time off to raise a family. Being a mother is an eye opening experience for me. Everything I heard and saw about children affected me. I decided if I could get involved, I would, and focused my attention on being an app developer geared towards creating apps that would help keep kids and families safe.

The other contributors who have help to shape JENGAPPS products, through testing, feedback, and other involvement are a little camera shy and that's okay! You know who you are and your involvement and thank you for your efforts!

Phone Apps Available


Free download, configuration free tool used to remind you to check for children and pets in your vehicle.


Think you know what permissions apps use? Get the details with this free tool.