Do you know what your apps have access to? When app request access to your information, the privileges are grouped into a generic category with a broad description. The specific permissions and definitions are not requested, but are given, by you, unknowingly.

Rights To is an app management tool that allows you to find out what access apps have to your data via its requested permission. It shows you the app's permissions, as well as, giving a brief description as to the permission's function. This information can be viewed independently via apps info, however, Rights To provides a convenient way of getting and displaying this info on installed apps in one view.

Use Rights To as the best way to keep up with which apps are relevant and still useful to you, as well as keeping track of which apps have access to your personal information

Reviews Are In

What are the users saying!?!?

Fantastic, eye-opening app! My EMAIL "needs" 107 permissions...?! Who woulda thought that? Thanks, Rights to! This app helps you get your other apps under control, so mysterious "third parties" arent all up in your business.
Awesome!! This app is extremely helpful! Being able to see all my apps and which permissions they have in one place is very beneficial. Adding the ability to delete the apps diirectly from Rights To makes it even better!
Useful Free and it gives me a centralized location to get rid off zombie apps.